We assist community organisations with their planning, structures and strategies so they can be effective and efficient deliverers of quality services.

We also assist government agencies and corporate organisations to engage with communities more effectively, particularly with program design, implementation and evaluation.

We have particular expertise in developing and implementing programs and projects for peoples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Our services include:

Strategic and Business Planning

We can assist clients with developing key planning documents that outline the vision, structure, operations and reporting requirements for your business.

It is important for new and existing businesses to plan effectively for a prosperous future.

"Failure to plan is planning to fail"

These skills have been developed over 20 years working with Indigenous and mainstream organisations and government agencies to improve their business operations.

Client Examples:
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • South West Indigenous Network
  • Australian Rugby League Indigenous Council

Natural Resource Management

With tertiary and practical experience in natural resource management (NRM), we can assist organisations and communities to plan, manage and maximise their return from natural resources and cultural heritage.

We also have expertise in archeology, national parks and wildlife management, Aboriginal site recording and property management planning.

Client Examples:
  • Riverina Local Land Services
  • Leeton and District Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Griffith Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Tirkandi Inaburra Cultural Development Centre Inc.

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

We have significant experience in managing major projects and programs. We are highly skilled project and program managers who can successfully lead and deliver quality project outcomes.

We underpin all our work with best practice project management and risk assessment methodologies to ensure the most effective approach to every project we undertake.

These skills enable us to provide qualified government and private sector project management, monitoring and evaluation expertise for every client we work with.

Client Examples:
  • Goondiwindi & Texas Parental and Community Engagement (PaCE) Project
  • NRL Parental and Community Engagement (PaCE) Evaluation

Community Engagement Strategies

To deliver effective programs and services requires a clear understanding of the people (market) you are delivering to.  Without this knowledge and understanding, programs and services can often miss the mark and fail to achieve their aims, objectives and most importantly outcomes.

We have extensive knowledge on how to enage communities effectively and develop strategies based on the real (not perceived) needs of communities; focusing on community ownership, partnerships and collaborative decision making that is underpinned by best practice service delivery principles and key government policies.

Client Examples:
  • Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation

Grant Submission Writing and Reporting Service

Grant funding is available across all levels of government, the private sector and many not-for-profit organisations.  With a myriad of grants available, the difficulty for most applicants is determining which one is appropriate for them?

Additionally, most applicants are unclear on how to frame an effective application that will deliver  outcomes the funding provider requires while providing a positve service to the community.  This often leads to well deserving projects missing out on much needed funding.

We have access to a comprehensive list of available grants from Local, State/Territory and Australian Governments as well as private sector and not-for-profit organisations.  We can assist you in identifying the right grant for your needs and provide expert advice on how the application should be written and structured to maximise your success rate.

For those organisations who have already accessed grant funding, we can assist you with writing financial and performance reports.  This professional service allows you to meet your reporting obligations as well as building a strong case for future (longer-term) funding.

Client Examples:

Innovative Corporate and Social Responsibility Strategies

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is generally understood to mean that corporations have a degree of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for the social and environmental implications. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘triple bottom line’ approach that considers the economic, social and environmental aspects of corporate activity.

The meaning and value of CSR may differ in various contexts, depending on local factors including culture, environmental conditions, and the legal framework.

We can assist private sector organisations looking for a competitive edge in their respecitve markets or assist those wanting to reinvigorate thier current approach to CSR, particularly those that seek to improve the overall wellbeing of Indigeous Australians and CALD communities.

Aligning the shared aims, objectives and outcomes of a community-based project to those of a private sector organisation will maximise people and financial investment, effectively resource place-based solutions that work and ensure the benefits are shared equitably across all parties.

Client Examples:

Reconciliation Action Plans

According to Reconciliation Australia, Reconciliation Action Plans (or RAPs) are about turning good intentions into real actions. A RAP is a business plan that uses an holistic approach to create meaningful relationships and sustainable opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

We can assist clients to develop a RAP that will frame their commitment to reducing the disadvantage gap for Indigenous Australians.

We can also assist in developing associated strategies that underpin these RAPs, including:

  • community capacity and capability building
  • organisational governance
  • school to work transition initiatives
  • Indigenous employment and retention strategies
  • innovative workforce development strategies
Client Examples:
  • Netball Australia